Under the supervision of nail artist Saori Tanabe (BLC nail salon),
the concept of BLC for Corde is "Japanese Quality for the World."
As a product made in Japan,
our priority is peace of mind, safety, and ease-of-use for our customers.

Saori Tanabe is an owner and Nail Artist at BLC Nail Salon in Niigata City. While maintaining a top level of popularity as a Nail Artist, she also works as Art Director at Akzentz with a focus on salon work, as well as playing an active role as an instructor at nail events and seminars, both in Japan and overseas.

She is characterized by her elegantly feminine and individualistic works, such as brooch nails and watercolor flower art. Her creativity, friendly character, and needless to say exquisite works of art, have gained her the support of many fans.

The majority of products created under her supervision originate from her actual salon work. She supervises the creation of all BLC for Corde products, constantly aiming to amuse and delight clients through her art. She is masterminding user-friendly products for nail artists and products that thrill clients.