What kinds of products do you make?

Based on the concept of BLC for Corde "Japanese Quality for the World." , the products our company makes, are fully produced in Japan, from the product itself to the packaging.
We would like our customers who use our products to feel at ease and safe, which is why we put much thought and effort in order to provide the best high quality products we can provide.

Where can I buy your products?

To find out each dealer you can purchase our products from, please click here.

Is this a sticker?

No. The LINE FILM is a super ultra-thin film made of gel materials. In order to not make sure it does not come off the mount, we have only used a very small amount of adhesion, but once it has come off the mount, it cannot be attached again. As it is not a sticker, it can be put on without wiping tacky layer and sanding.

Why does not it fade color?

Our Glass Bullion is not to be mistaken for surface color coating, and in fact has color kneaded into the glass itself. Therefore, the color will not melt or dissolve from the use of acetone, gel, or nail polish.

I see some of GB-03 bullions are uneven color.

By adding solution and adding high temperature heat to the colored glass, the surface develops a special color. Therefore, the difference of the layer of the solution produces the light and shade of color development and may finish as a gradation.